87-Year-Old Religious Leader Brutally Beaten, Robbed at His Home

March 20, 2018Mar 20, 2018

Reports claim that an 87-year-old Episcopalian priest was beaten up in his home. 

Soon after being discovered on Tuesday, an Episcopalian priest was rushed to Stony Brook University Hospital in Long Island. 

Police are currently looking for clues, and friends are looking for answers, about why this priest was beaten up in his home. Tragically, it is expected that the priest may have been beaten up hours or even days ago, yet he was not discovered until much later. 

New York local news writes that whoever beat this priest up first entered the home without permission. Afterward, whoever attacked him then stole from the priest before fleeing the scene. 

Friends are calling the person(s) "evil," adding that nobody could simply beat up such a nice man without malevolent intentions. 

“The people who attacked him, on a personal level, they’re evil because who would attack such a … I mean the man is a real nice man,” a friend named “Kirk” said.

“He’s somebody that you could really talk to. When you have a problem you can go to come and talk to him. You have no issues. He’s really nice,” Kirk said.

The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island identified the priest as Paul Wancura. He was supposed to show up for Sunday morning worship, but he never did. That's when people first suspected that something might be wrong. 

At first, people simply began to wait for him and called him several times. But there was no response. People soon realized why the priest never showed up to Sunday worship after reports emerged that he had been brutally beaten up in his home. 

Police haven't yet revealed to the public what condition the old priest is currently in. Anybody with information about this crime is encouraged to call the number 1-800-220-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential. 

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