84-Year-Old Woman Proves Goals Can Be Crushed, She's Competing in Pole-Vaulting World Championships

March 24, 2019Mar 24, 2019

An incredible story is going viral for all of the right reasons. A woman from Vermont, who happens to be 84-year-old, is heading to the world championships for pole-vaulting!

"Most would agree that it's important to stay active in the later years of life, but 84-year-old Florence 'Flo' Fillion Meiler is taking that to a new level. The Vermont native is heading to Poland next Thursday for the World Masters Athletics Championship Indoor where she will compete in events including the long jump, 60-meter hurdles, 800-meter run, pentathlon and her specialty, the pole vault.

Flo says her favorite events are the hurdles and the pole vault. Flo is also set for a major win at the competition since she is the only way competing in her age group!

"You know, I do train five days a week," she said. "And when I found out I was going to compete at the Worlds, I've been training six days a week because I knew I would really get my body in shape."

Flo's competing in the 80-84-years-old age group. She's opened up about he runs the usual sport. She says it takes a lot of strength, however, it has been great for keeping her in shape.

"You really have to work at that," she said. "You have to have the upper core and you have to have timing, and I just love it because it's challenging."

Flo says that a lot of her athleticism comes from her upbringing on the farm. She was always active as an athlete in her younger years. Now, she's keeping that passion alive!

"Meiler grew up on a dairy farm, working hard manual jobs like feeding cattle and raking hay. She was always active in sports throughout school, playing basketball and taking tap and ballroom dancing classes. Professionally, she went on to work as a sales representative for Herbalife nutritional supplements for 30 years," according to Fox News.

Join us in wishing her well on her amazing accomplishment!



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