81-Year-Old Woman Teaches Purse Snatchers To Not Mess With The Elderly!

February 18, 2016Feb 18, 2016

At 81 years old, this Pennsylvania woman proved that she is by no means helpless.

According to the Allentown Morning Call, the elderly woman left a pharmacy with cash and was approached by a younger man and woman asking for $10 in gas money. She generously gave them $20 and drove away, but the couple followed her, approaching her again when she parked.

The elderly woman, who the Allentown Morning Call did not identify, describes what happened next: "[The man] came and started making small talk. Right away, I was suspicious. He asked me who lived at the house I was visiting. I lied and told him no one lived there because I wanted him to leave. He told me he could see someone inside the house. By then, I'd grown agitated and told him to leave. That was when he reached in and grabbed my purse, which was next to me on the seat."

But she wasn't about to let them get away unscathed. She took off after them as they drove away and rammed their car.

"I swerved my car around and drove into their car to try to stop them from leaving, but it didn't work," she said.

The damage was not enough to disable the thieves' car, but the dents made it easy for police to identify the vehicle soon after and arrest the thieves. They admitted to robbing the woman after seeing her pick up cash at the pharmacy.

The robbery victim, who grew up in Brooklyn, said, "I've pretty much gotten everything back. I'm just glad this situation didn't get worse."

Worse for her or worse for the robbers?