7-Year-Old's Heartfelt Award Speech Brings Audience to Tears

January 12, 2018Jan 12, 2018

On Thursday night, the 23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards took place in Santa Monica. The night was full of smiles, laughter, and, for some, happy tears. The tears were particularly prevalent when 7-year-old Brooklyn Prince made a heartfelt acceptance speech. 

Prince won the award for Best Young Actor/Actress for her role in "The Florida Project." In the movie, the 7-year-old plays a young girl named Moonee who is poverty-stricken. 

As her name was called and she walked to the stage, she burst into tears. When she got to the microphone and had a look of disbelief, she said, "Wow. This is such a big honor."

What the young actress said next had the audience burst into laughter. She congratulated all of the other young nominees for the award and assured them that they are all "great" and "awesome." Then, she suggested that they all go out for ice cream after the award show!

Brooklyn continued her speech, moving the audience from laughter to tears. She thanked everyone who was involved in the entire production, including her family and the voters. Then, she thanked God. 

She said, "God, I would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity." 


After, the young actress used her platform to talk about the people that her movie is about. She dedicated the movie to the "Halleys and Moonees out there," and reminded everyone that poverty is a "real problem." She urged the A-list actors in the audience to "go out there and help."

Below is the full speech, including the clips of all of the nominees for the award:

After the award ceremony, Prince told USA Today that fellow nominee Jacob Tremblay gave her a congratulatory hug. 

She said, "It was so nice of him to stop by and see how I was."

Congrats to the young actress on a huge accomplishment and for winning the crowd over! What do you think about this? Let us know! In other recent news, an "American Chopper" star just revealed the significant role that faith has played in his life. 

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