7 More States CONDEMN Obama's Action!

May 20, 2016May 20, 2016

Last week, the governors of 10 states condemned the Obama administration's directive to all public schools to allow males who "self-identify" as female to use girls' restrooms and locker rooms and be able to play on their sports teams. This week, seven more governors joined them.

Governors of Nebraska, Iowa, Georgia, Kansas, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Wyoming joined governors of North Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Utah, Idaho, and South Dakota in calling the directive an overreach by the federal government.

Here's what the most recent governors said:


NEBRASKA: In a statement sent to us from Gov. Pete Ricketts office, he said, “The President issued an opinion, not a piece of legislation, and not an executive order. It carries no weight of law. Instead of spending time improving our country’s sluggish economy and the lives of American families, the Obama Administration has continued to overreach on issues that should be left up to the states. I call on the State Board of Education and local elected school board members across the state to reject the bullying of the Obama Administration on this important issue.”
IOWA: According to the Des Moines Register, Gov. Terry Branstad said, "I think there are bigger and more important issues that the president should be addressing, such as protecting the security of Americans and more effectively addressing the threat to our very lives and well-being, and the targeting of military and law enforcement and now of business people that we see occurring from our enemies."
GEORGIA: According to the Gainesville Times, Gov. Nathan Deal called the directive and "abuse of federal executive authority" and said he would fight against it. He also noted that "the departments of Justice and Education have threatened to revoke federal funding from schools that fail to comply."
KANSAS: According to KSNW, Gov. Sam Brownback condemned the Obama administration's action as "an unprecedented example of executive over-reach" and said, "States, not the federal government, have the primary responsibility for directing education policy."
NORTH DAKOTA: According to CBS Minnesota, Gov. Jack Dalrymple said, “President Obama’s directive is another example of federal overreach and a blatant threat to withhold funding that is vital to student success."
TENNESSEE: According to WREG, Gov. Bill Haslam denounced the directive as "heavy-handed" and said, "Decisions on sensitive issues such as these should continue to be made at the local level based on the unique needs of students, families, schools and districts while working closely with the local school board counsel, understanding that this is an emerging area of law that will ultimately be settled by the courts.”
WYOMING: According to KGWN, Gov. Matt Mead said, "The threat of losing federal funds does not sit well with us in Wyoming. Education is rightly controlled by our local school districts and they deal everyday with matters that affect student safety and privacy. We will continue to honor local control and we will resist this latest action by the Administration.”

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