7 DAMAGING Things Leaked By WikiLeaks About Hillary Clinton

October 11, 2016Oct 11, 2016

While the Wikileaks release of e-mails about Hillary Clinton have been overshadowed by the "October surprise" of Donald Trump's 2005 crude sexual remarks, there is wealth of information that paints Hillary and her campaign staff as deeply entrenched in dirty politics and political trickery.

Here are seven of the findings that have come out in the past few days:

— For many years Hillary has claimed she was rejected from enlisting in the Marines because of her gender. She's used that to boost her feminist appeal. But Hillary admitted later that that wasn't true, according to Breitbart.
— Back when Bernie Sanders was running against Hillary, the DNC used their insider knowledge to give Hillary's campaign a heads-up about Bernie's next strategic move so it could be counteracted, according to the Observer.
— Hillary's campaign manager got upset that Hillary's campaign wasn't consulted first about who the DNC hired, which strongly suggests collusion between Hillary's campaign and party leadership, according to the Observer.
— Hillary's campaign repeatedly communicated with members of the mainstream media to coordinate pro-Democrat and anti-Republican stories, according to Fox News.
— Hillary's campaign sought to elevate Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson above other nomination candidates because they felt they'd be easier for Hillary to beat, according to Fox News.
— Hillary said during a private, paid speech that her “dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,” according to Fox News.
— Hillary, who was blasted Trump for praising Putin, actually gloated about being invited into the Russian president's "private inner sanctum" in 2013, called him "engaging," and said she wanted the U.S. to "have a positive relationship with Russia."

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