73 Airport Workers Discovered with Possible Connections to Terrorist Groups

December 09, 2015Dec 09, 2015

Guess what Obama Administration department approved these 73 potential terrorists to work on or near your—and my—airplanes?

It was discovered that the Department of Homeland Security had specifically approved the applications of 73 people who had possible links related to terrorism in their background profiles.  These people were applying for positions inside airports or airlines where they would have access inside of airports that is normally reserved only for paying passengers who undergo security each time. 

According to a Bloomberg News earlier this year, the 73 people "'with possible terrorism-related information' in their backgrounds were employed by major airlines, airport vendors and others."

The TSA acknowledged that these people were cleared to have access to secure airport areas despite the fact that they represented a potential security threat.

How many of these people are among us?  What will it take to have a government that is competent enough to protect us?  When our own government willfully chooses to approve 73 people with known terrorism ties to have access to secure airport areas, who is watching out for us?