71 People Dead, 186 Injured in Major Metal Factory Explosion

November 27, 2017Nov 27, 2017

Yahoo News has reported that an explosion recently ripped through the eastern China province of Jiangsu, killing 71 people and injuring another 186. The explosion occurred inside of a motor wheels factory on Sunday, according to reports.

News of the Sunday explosion came as sad and distressing news to locals, who had experienced another blast on Saturday, killing 69 people and injuring another 200. 

The accident occurred at Zhongrong Metal Products Co Ltd plant, which specializes in the creation of aluminum wheels for automakers, including General Motors.

The Guardian reported of another explosion in China on Sunday. Apparently, another factory exploded near a port city south of Shangai, killing at least 2 people and injuring another 30. It knocked down buildings and left streets littered with damaged cars and debris. 

It was reported that the explosion struck a factory in a riverfront neighborhood in Ningbo, which today serves as one of China's most important ports. This blast occurred at 8:55 am and is still under investigation. Images show cars twisted and destroyed as a result of the explosion. Debris is scarred throughout the blast site and a plume of grey smoke was hovering in the sky. 

The Guardian reports that industrial accidents in China are very common and safety standards for workers are often very lax. They also claim that the Community Party's "People Daily" reported on Twitter that nobody lived at the site of the explosion, but garbage collectors may have been working there.

An inquiry has also been launched to determine the cause of this explosion. The investigation is still underway. 

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