7 in 10 Young Voters Support Canceling Student Debt, Poll Finds

A new poll finds that a large majority of young voters think that student debt should not be canceled. This adds to the small number of polls done in recent months that almost universally show that this issue is popular among Americans.

The Student Borrower Protection Center/Data for Progress pollingThe Wednesday release shows that there is majority support among multiple groups for the issue. Overall, 71% support cancelling student loans for all borrowers, even if they don’t have student debt. A commanding 81% of those with debt agree.

According to the poll, debt cancellation is popular across all political lines. The poll finds that 56 percent of Republicans, 66% of independents, and 84 percent among Democrats believe that student debt should be forgiven.

The poll, which was once considered fringe, also found that a majority of young Democratic voters (45%) and young voters with student loan (43%) believe that all student loans should be cancelled.

President Joe Biden is working on a plan for cancelling the presidential election. Some amountStudent loan debt is a burden on student debt repayment has skyrocketedOver the past decade, the threat of the health of the U.S. economyAnd especially weighing down low-income borrowers.

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Progressive lawmakers Biden was urged to do soCancel some If not all, student loans for all borrowers but his administration reportedly Consider a targeted planOfficials claim that this would make the task logistically challenging. Political analysts and advocates for debt cancellation argue that imposing income caps on debt cancellation would not be popular politically, and that the program should have a broad scope.

“Younger voters put Joe Biden in the White House on the promise of broad relief from the crushing burden of student debt,” Student Borrower Protection Center Executive Director Mike Pierce saidin a statement. “As the country recovers from a devastating pandemic and economic crisis, younger voters across the political spectrum are clear in their expectations for the Biden-Harris administration: building back better means canceling student debt for all borrowers.”

This is just one of a number of polls that have recently come out of different sources and found similar results: Most Americans believe that the federal government should eliminate some student debt.

A poll of people aged 18 to 29 by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics foundIn April, 59 percent of respondents supported some form debt forgiveness. 27 percent agreed that the government should provide some repayment assistance.

Last month, we also featured a Morning Consult/Politico poll foundAccording to a December Morning Consult poll, 64 percent of respondents supported the idea. that had similar results. A February pollNavigator Research found that 63% of respondents support debt forgiveness. The strongest support came from Black respondents (87%); another poll from the same monthThe idea was supported by 63 percent of likely voters, according to polls. The polls were taken from last year also show the idea’s favorability.

Data shows that young people could be motivated to vote for Democrats by taking action on the issue. A majority of young voters in key battleground states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania would vote for a Democrat if Biden was removed some amount of student debt.