7 in 10 Voters Support White House Move to Consider Decriminalizing Marijuana

New polling finds strong support among voters for President Joe Biden’s federal moves on marijuana last week, including his decision to pardon those with certain marijuana convictions and his statement that he will consider decriminalizing the drug on the federal level.

Morning Consult/Politico after Biden’s announcement on Thursday found that nearly 7 in 10 voters — 69 percent — support Biden’s move to Ask his administrationFederal decriminalization of marijuana is something to be considered. only 18 percent saying they oppose the move and 43 percent saying they “strongly” approve.

The poll also found that voters support Biden’s decision to pardon about 6,500 people of their federal convictions for simple marijuana possession. Sixty five percent of respondents indicated that they supported the action. Advocates say Could be a helpPeople who have been convicted of such crimes are unable to get a job, rent or buy a house. This polling is in line with the trend. with other recent pollingIpsos also supported the majority of support for the decriminalization and pardons.

Biden’s strong support for decriminalizing the drug is a sign that he would be politically smart to take this action at a crucial moment in his presidency. Democrats could get a boost from decriminalization with the upcoming midterm elections.

Marijuana is currently a Schedule I drug. This means that violating federal laws regarding the possession or sale of marijuana can result in some of the most severe drug-related penalties. Federal descheduling, or decriminalizing, of the drug, is a step short of legalization — but it could make it so that its use and possession comes with minimal to no penalties if caught, putting it in a similar legal class to alcohol.

Advocates of the drug have long called for its de-scheduling. saying that marijuana doesn’t clinically align with many other Schedule I drugs like heroin and that descheduling it would be a step toward ending the country’s racist failed war on drugs, which Biden had a major handIn manufacturing

Although Biden was praised by advocates for his actions on Thursday, they claim he is not to be credited. Could do more in this realm, including expunging the charges he pardoned from people’s records and widening the scope of the pardons or expungements.

Advocates and progressive legislators have also called on Biden to lose his weight Legalization of the drug.

Polls have consistently found that marijuana legalization is popular — and that legalization could drive people out to vote. Another Morning Consult/PoliticoPoll published last week that 60 percentAll voters support legalizing marijuana nationwide, including 71% of Democrats and 61% of independents. Republicans were divided on the issue with 47 percent supporting it, and 41 percent opposed.

The House has Continuously passedBills to legalize marijuana in the United States are not being considered by the Senate. However, some senators have made progress on the issue. conservative DemocratsAnd RepublicansYou can oppose this idea.