6 Things to Look for in Tonight's New Hampshire Primary

February 09, 2016Feb 09, 2016

The political leader of the free world will be decided in this year's election. As 9 Republicans battle it out — and as Bernie and Hillary fight it out on the Democratic side — here are 6 key things to watch for tonight:


1) Can Hillary stop the Bernie train? Bernie is favored to win in New Hampshire, and he has pulled even in nationwide polling. Can Hillary pull an upset victory and stop Bernie's momentum?

2) Can Donald become a winner again? He was beat in Iowa and didn't like it. Polls show him up by 10 or more points. Can he win by a large margin to put the critics down?

3) Can Ted Cruz maintain his winning ways? Can Ted Cruz come in a strong second, capitalizing on his Iowa victory? That would help propel him into socially conservative South Carolina.

4) Can Jeb Bush survive? The Bush family has produced 2 Presidents, and Jeb wants to be the 3rd. A second or strong 3rd place finish could give him momentum and keep him going.

5) How will Marco Rubio do? Marco Rubio came in a very strong 3rd in Iowa, but a shaky debate performance after lots of attacks may have left him vulnerable. Can he come in 2nd or 3rd here?

6) Which of the governors will survive? Bush, Kasich, and Christie all want to be the mainstream Republican governor with a ticket out of New Hampshire. It may be only one gets to go to South Carolina. Which one -- or more -- will it be?