6 INCREDIBLE Reasons You Should Go Hiking This Weekend; And You'll Never Guess Some Of Them

May 20, 2016May 20, 2016

It's time to seize the day. According to wimp.com, kids these days only spend half of the amount of time outside that they did 20 years ago, and parents have to increasingly force their kids to play outdoors. Another shocking study reveals only 6% of American children go outside on their own to play. The others choose to spend, on average, nearly 8 hours a day in front of some sort of digital screen. What's the solution?

Tell them to take a hike.


Or, rather, take them hiking, because sending your child alone into the wilderness alone might get you a knock on your front door.

Here are 5 incredible physical and psychological benefits from hiking for adults and kids:
1. Worry took much? Even a 90-minute walk in God's creation can ease your mind. Study participants who spent the same amount of time walking in a city did not feel the same effects.
2. Feel uncreative? Being surrounded by nature as you hike can boost your creativity by 50%. Spending a lot of time indoors fed by digital stimulus does not.
3. Suffer from ADHD? Being active outdoors can reduce symptom of ADHD in both children and adults.
4. Need to lose a few pounds? Hiking can burn between 400 and 700 calories every hour.
5. Have a poor memory? Hiking can boost that too and can help seniors stave off dementia.
6. Not feeling good about yourself? Even five minutes in nature can help that, and for some reason hiking near water has an even bigger effect.

Now get outdoors! And, of course, be prepared.