6 Characteristics of a godly leader

September 20, 2015Sep 20, 2015

As we get ready to select a new president, what are keys we should be looking for?

In the next 14 months, Americans will get to select a new President -- and 435 Congressmen -- and 35 Senators -- and lots and lots of governors, mayors, and state and local officials.  Each candidate will tell us they are the best -- and their opponent(s) are not as good as them! 

On our parts, we all have our key convictions and thoughts about issues of the day.  There are 6 characteristics that we should look for in our leaders, both in government and in every aspect of our lives.  We will talk about one in each article; here is the first:

Character.  While positions on issues can change, character is woven into our very being.  Is the leader a person of integrity?  Do they lie?  Have they cheated on their spouse?  Will they change positions just to get a political advantage?

The Bible says "Blessed is the man who swears to his own hurt and changes not."  People are complex, and so people who are not godly in some aspects of their character will evidence good character in other areas.  Donald Trump, who is certainly not godly in all aspects of his character, nevertheless has made a strong impression on people by saying what he believes and not changing.  The Green family who own Hobby Lobby stood for their principles of not funding abortion even though it meant possibly losing billions of dollars.

Throughout history, we admire the men and women who are willing to risk everything to stand for their principles.  At the heart of a great leader should be godly character.  They will not be perfect -- only one person in history was -- but look for evidence of good character in their lives.