69-Year-Old Who Said She Was Punched Out By Trump Supporter Changes Story

October 21, 2016Oct 21, 2016

It was a story that grabbed national headlines at the time. A 69-year-old COPD sufferer on oxygen brutally punched out by a Trump supporter at a rally last month. And the mainstream media ran with it because it fit the liberal narrative of Trump supporters being violent, sexist bullies.

At that time, Teeter claimed she was just a concerned citizen speaking out because she felt Trump would be bad for America as president.

Then James O'Keefe's Project Veritas undercover video came out, exposing a now-fired Hillary campaign field director Scott Foval who brags about the woman, Shirley Teeter, being one of the paid agitators he plants at Trump rallies.

Now that the video has come out, Breitbart is reporting that Teeter still denies being associated in any way with Hillary's campaign but is now changing her story of the attack.

She originally told the news media that she was punched point-blank in the face, although it left no marks, but now she says that 73-year-old Trump supporter Richard L. Campbell may have just hit her with his backhand, which matches up with witnesses' claims that Campbell merely reacted to someone touching him from behind and accidentally hit her when he swung around.

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