68-Year-Old Singer Announces Surprise Pregnancy, Stuns Fans

October 18, 2017Oct 18, 2017

The singer of Vienna and Piano Man just announced he’s having his third child. Billy Joel announced the happy news during an interview with The Belfast Telegraph.

This will be the second child for the 68-year-old and his wife of two years, Alexis Roderick, 31, confirmed E! News.

The singer's rep revealed that the baby is due very soon. The little girl or boy will arrive in November.

Joel casually announced the news while introducing his wife during the interview. He said, referring to the couples two-year-old daughter, Della Rose, that she is “pretty good.”

"She sleeps through the night. I hope the next one will,” he added.

Joel also has another daughter, 31-year-old Alexa Ray Joel. He shares Alexa with his ex-wife Christie Brinkley.

He spoke to Harry Connick Jr. on his show “Harry” about what it’s like to have a little one again. It’s especially interesting given his advanced age and the fact that he has a fully grown child.

"It's a hoot," Joel told Connick Jr. "It's a lot of fun."

"She comes in every morning, wakes me up, throws my shorts on the bed," he said of Della. "I think she might be a musician, too...She picks up melody and she sings in key."

Fans were left a little bit stunned today when the news was reported. They didn’t expect Joel, who is 68, to have another child.

One fan wrote on Twitter that she was “shook” by the news.


Are you stunned by the news? Let us know in the comments. Either way, congratulations to the singer on his new baby.

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