60 Percent Of Voters Of Republican Voters Agree On THIS Highly Controversial Plan

March 03, 2016Mar 03, 2016

Exit polls on Super Tuesday have shown the political pundits and Republican establishment just how wrong they were about Donald Trump.

After Trump had proposed a temporary ban on Muslims from unstable countries entering the United States, the media and political establishment declared Trump to be unfit for the office of the Presidency and wrote him off as a legitimate candidate.  They said the American people would never agree to that.

The media could not have been more wrong.  According to Breitbart, Trump’s plan is viewed favorably with Republican voters by a large margin.  60% of the people polled say they support Trump’s temporary ban.

In addition, over 40% of Republican voters want illegal aliens deported, which is surprising in the fact that it means only 40% want the current immigration laws upheld and followed.