What Chicago Just Did to 57,000 Ducks is Making National Headlines

August 03, 2017Aug 03, 2017

On Thursday, Chicago kicked off their 12th annual charity fundraising event to benefit the Special Olympics. As part of the event, the city dumped 57,234 small, yellow objects into their river.

What were all of these objects? Rubber duckies, of course!

The Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby is an annual event that benefits over 22,000 athletes and 20,000 young athletes that are part of the Special Olympics Illinois. The non-profit organization offers year-round training and competition in 17 sports.

The event takes place on the Chicago River by the Columbus Drive Bridge. Each year, the bridge closes for about an hour in order to accommodate the ducks and spectators.

At the event, anywhere from 50-60,000 rubber ducks are dumped into the water where they “race” to the finish line. Thousands of spectators watch the race, hoping that the duck they sponsored will win the grand prize.

Anyone can “adopt a duck” for $5. Ducks can also be purchased in packages, including the “Quack Pack,” which is 6 ducks for $25, or the “Flock of Ducks,” which is 24 ducks for $100.

The winner of the race will receive a 2017 Chevy Equinox LT. Other prizes include a trip to Las Vegas, an all-inclusive vacation, and VIP Backstreet Boys concert tickets.

In 2016, this event raised over $400,000 for the Special Olympics Illinois. Other cities around the United States have followed suit by implementing rubber ducky races of their own, though none have grown as popular as the one in Chicago has.

Below is the video of the rubber ducks being dumped into the river:

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