6-year-old girl calls 911 and runs outside to confirm their address after her mom passed out

A six year old girl is being praised because she was able to think quickly after seeing her mother unconscious on the ground of their home.

Deja Etheridge was an Army veteran with a disability and was getting ready for her daughter Jordynn’s school trip on March 14. She was feeling sick from side effects of a medication she took the night before. It made her dehydrated, and it also lowered her blood pressure.


She started her car to warm up and then felt lightheaded. She went back inside to rest for a few minutes before she left. However, she didn’t make it to the bedroom and fainted before reaching the stairs.

Jordynn was quick to react when she heard her fall. The home security camera captured her calling 911 and running outside for verification. She led the first responders to her mom’s house when they arrived. The little girl also called her grandmother, who lived nearby.

A firetruck turned up at Deja’s residence, and EMTs were soon making their way inside Deja’s home with a stretcher.

A home security footage taken inside Deja Etheridge's home while she was passed out on the floor

Deja is also a full-time student and says she receives treatment by the VA for injuries she sustained while serving in military.

Deja was recalled that she had hit her head hard when she fell on the morning. She didn’t feel anything else by that time, and she blacked out.

Payton, her four-year-old girl, was asleep at that time. Jordynn spotted her fall and ran to her aid.

“She sprang into action. She continued with the emergency plan that she had already created. She went ahead and contacted my mother first and then she contacted EMS,” she told Daily Mail.

Deja arrived at Jordynn’s home and gave her the telephone number. She then spoke to the dispatcher to clarify her situation.

Deja Etheridge with her daughters Payton and Jordynn

“I was truly blessed in this situation to not only still have my daughter home, but thank God I had not made it behind the wheel of a car,” Deja added. “And on top of that, my mom does live close, which is why I’ve always instructed her to contact my mother first.”

Deja stated that she had taught her daughters how to handle emergencies.

She updated her contacts with photos as soon as the girls were old enough to play on her phone. This allowed them to identify who was calling. Deja also provided them with important information, such as their names, their addresses, and her name.

Sometimes she would stop in her neighborhood while driving and let her daughters direct her to their house.

Deja shared her story with TikTok. The platform has received 9.6 millions views as of the writing.

Deja Etheridge on her graduation day with daugthers Payton and Jordynn

The first part of the home surveillance footage was taken inside the house. Deja zooms in to see a part of her leg that was flat on the floor after she collapsed.

The video cuts to the Ring camera outside. It captured Jordynn running to their mailbox with a phone in her hand.

“Just to be so mature in such a crazy situation, I’m beyond blessed,” Deja told Inside Edition.

The Hanover County Sheriff’s Office honored the girl with a challenge coin and a stuffed animal for her swift actions.

Jordynn was also given a 911 Life Saver Award. Additionally, she was recognized as an honorary Hanover communications officers alongside county leaders.

Deja Etheridge, Jordynn, and Payton in the Hanover County Sheriff's Office

“It makes me really, really proud,” said Deja.

Shannon Schiebel, a 911 operator who spoke to Jordynn over the phone, was also present at the Etheridge family’s meeting.

Deja hopes that her experience will inspire other parents to teach their children how to dial 911 in an emergency.

“It really makes me emotional cause it’s like you don’t want to put your child in a situation like that, not that it’s something you can really control,” she said. “As a mom knowing my kids are going to look out for me like even though I’m supposed to be their protector and knowing that at such a young age they can step in and be my protector is huge.”

Kudos to Jordynn for thinking on her feet and coming to her mom’s rescue! Click the video to view the home security footage. To learn more about the story, click the video below.

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