5 Year Old's Beautiful Blessing For A Homeless Man

May 20, 2015May 20, 2015

A five year old boy in Alabama, Josiah Duncan, asked his mother about a “dirty” and disheveled man in the local Waffle House.  She explained to Josiah that the man was homeless.  Upon learning what it meant to be homeless, Josiah urged his mother to buy the man a meal, even asking the man if he needed a menu.

Josiah didn’t stop with the act of generosity.  When the food arrived, He followed his kind act with a beautiful display of faith that had the homeless man and surrounding patrons in tears.

Witness this beautiful story of compassion and humanity.

God Bless You Josiah!  You make the world a better place!

Please share this story with others so that we may all find the childlike compassion towards our fellow man within us.