5 Things YOU Can Do To Help Save The Babies

August 31, 2015Aug 31, 2015

These videos that have come out are truly disturbing.  If you're a parent--or even if you're not--they are grotesque beyond comprehension.  And what can happen--if you're like me--is that you want to start to tune them out, because they're just too much.  And you feel powerless against a governmental structure that seems to have a monopoly on the issue. 

But there is something we can do.  And Matt Walsh, Blaze contributor, tells us 5 ways we can help to protect millions of future babies who would otherwise be killed and their body parts used in the name of science. 

From Matt Walsh:

"I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but as far as I see it, our attack should be, and is, multi-pronged:

  • Keep the issue out in the open.  Talk about it on social media.  Talk about it with your friends.  Take a stance publicly, through whatever forums you have available to you.
  • Support candidates who are one hundred percent pro-life and fully committed to the cause.  I won’t tell you which candidates fit that bill because I think they still have to prove themselves.
  • Take to the streets.  Picket Planned Parenthood clinics.  March.  Rally.  Be present and active physically.
  • Money talks.  Our government gives half a billion dollars to the abortion industry.  You might not have that much to give, but donate whatever you can to pregnancy centers and other organizations that serve the cause of life.
  • Pray.  If we aren’t going to include prayer in this crusade, it will be hopeless.  Pray.  Every day.

So we’re talking, we’re pressuring, we’re marching, we’re giving, we’re praying.

But it begins, as I said, with caring.  This is the most basic step.  We have to care.  To not care is a willful act, an evil act, and there’s just no excuse for it anymore."

What do you think?  Are there other ways you know of that we can help?  Please let us know!