5 Teens Charged With Murder After Death of a Father, Killed by Rock

October 23, 2017Oct 23, 2017

It has been reported by Fox 2 that authorities are charging five teens with murder after a father-of-four was suddenly murdered while driving home.

Kenneth White was driving his truck home to Mount Morris on October 18 when suddenly a rock crashed through the front driver side of his windshield. The rock struck and killed him. 

The incident occurred on the Dodge Road overpass on I-75 in Vienna Township outside of Detroit. Authorities believe that these teenagers were tossing large rocks at cars as they were driving. Other rocks were found on the road, and other cars had hit large rocks. 

White was a father of four and only 32 years old. He was driving home to see his boys. His loved ones are in complete shock. His large family and relatives are traveling from all across the southern United States to say goodbye. 

Time reports that family dreaded informing White's 5-year-old son of the news that his father would not be coming back home.

"He was living his life. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was coming home to his family, and because of them [the teenagers], he didn’t make it home,” said White's sister-in-law.

"These kids ... Couldn't they just go skip rocks on the river or something instead of doing something so senseless. They took away somebody's father, somebody's son, and we're never going to get that back," she said. "Because of a joke. Because of some kind of prank gone wrong or whatever. It's no laughing matter. Nobody's laughing."

The teenagers are currently in custody and police shut down part of I-75 for a brief period. Local news is waiting for more information from the Genesee County Sheriff's Office about those who are in custody, including their ages, and whether or not authorities have discovered new information in their investigation. 

The other vehicles that were also struck with large rocks did not cause any more loss of life, although it did cause major damage. Fox 2 reports that on top of throwing rocks, the teenagers were also throwing large concrete chunks.  

Please pray for this man's family. In recent news, a Walmart recall was just issued for 150 products. 

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