5 Habits Of Happy Families

July 02, 2015Jul 02, 2015

1) Happy families have each others' back: Children (and adults) thrive when they know they are wanted and are part of a solid, committed family.  When you know you are loved and that your family will never leave you, doesn't that feel good? Happy families reaffirm to one another that they are there for them 100%, through good times and bad times--and they follow through with their actions.


2) Happy families celebrate the little and big stuff: Your husband got his highest numbers at work this month? That calls for a celebration! Maybe you make his favorite dinner or give him a card; whatever it is, he will feel so special! Same goes for your children: don't just wait for Christmas and birthdays, celebrate learning to ride a bike or other special firsts! How fun can life be when we revel in the special moments, both big and small! 

3) Happy families give each other undivided attention: You know how you feel when you're sharing about your day and your loved one is glancing up and down from their phone? Not that great. But on the other hand, how special do you feel when you know you have their full attention, with nodding and smiles and interested questions? Happy families make each other feel like the most important people in their lives--because they are.  

4) Happy families speak kindly to one another: Research has found that when positive comments outnumber negative comments in at least a 3-1 ratio, people are happier and more successful in life. Simply put, you and I thrive on love and acceptance--and a huge way we feel it is through the words we hear. Make a point to tell your family members what you love about them, what makes them special, and how thankful you are. Even polite phrases like please and thank you let them know you value and respect them. 

5) Happy families give lots of hugs and kisses: Touch is a major point of communication. And it is actually a need of every person. When people are hugged and kissed, they are soothed both emotionally and physically. Did you know that a long hug can actually bring down your stress hormones? And that babies who have lots of skin-to-skin contact develop much healthier than those that don't? Make a point to give lots of caring affection to your family members; it will reaffirm and strengthen your bond.

Which of these does your family do? Which are your favorite? Having a happy family life is one of life's greatest sources of joy. We pray God greatly blesses YOUR family today!