5 Dead, 120 Evacuated From Florida Nursing Home

September 13, 2017Sep 13, 2017


The Governor of Florida has responded to this crisis, claiming that he will aggressively demand answers about how this happened. 


Fox News has reported that approximately 120 people were evacuated from a Hollywood, Florida nursing home on Wednesday after five people were reported dead in the facility. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, many of the residents suffered from intense heat caused by lack of electricity in the facility.

WSVN reported that the evacuation was directly linked to intense heat and lack of power. It is unclear, however, whether all five of the deaths were directly linked to heat and lack of power. Three deaths occurred in the home, and two took place during the transport to a local hospital. 


Meanwhile, Fox News reports that in Central Florida, three more people were found dead inside an Orlando home on Tuesday, apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning. Two were found dead directly in the home, while another person was found dead on the front law. This person was apparently trying to escape from the home, but couldn't make it in time. Rescue workers found a portable gasoline generator running inside the home.

One Miami-area apartment building was evacuated on Tuesday after authorities determined that lack of power made it unlivable and unsafe for elderly residents. And in another location, in South Florida, a townhouse went up in flames after a stove caught fire. The number of deaths in Florida has climbed to 13, in part due to carbon monoxide deaths, and 37 more were killed in the Caribbean.

Just under half of Florida's population is currently left without electricity in the steamy late-summer heat. Utility officials warn that it could be up to ten more days until normalcy is restored and the power is back on. Over 100,000 people are in shelters throughout the state after they fled immediately before the storm hit. 

Weakened but still incredibly dangerous, Hurricane Irma hit land on Monday. The Hurricane arrived in Florida as a Category 4 Hurricane, but by nightfall it was down to a Category 2 with winds of 100 miles per hour. Irma was at one time the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, a category 5 with a peak wind speed of 185mph.

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