5-year-old returning from school felt it was time to give his mother his honest thoughts on the lunch she prepared for him

A kindergarten’s hilarious food review on his first day at school went viral on TikTok.

Ricki Weisberg, a mother from Pennsylvania, posted a video of her son Abe Ndege giving his opinion on the sandwich she made for lunch.

The video was only 11 second long but it has been seen 13 million times in a week since it was posted.

Little boy gives a hilarious food review

In the video, Abe gets off the school bus while her mother excitedly says, “Hey, you did it!” Unfortunately, the little boy focuses more on giving his mom an honest but brutal food review.

“Terrible sandwich, by the way,” says Abe. His mother thanks him for letting her know but it seems like it isn’t enough for the little boy. He makes sure his mother knows how bad it was by adding, “really terrible.”

Kindergarten gives mom's sandwich a savage food review

Looking at how savage Abe’s food review was, people wondered what was in the sandwich that made the little boy really disappointed.

Weisberg said she normally gives his son peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but because of kids’ allergies, she couldn’t send him anything with peanuts.

So she made a butter-and-jelly sandwich and crossed her fingers that her son would enjoy it. Sadly for the little boy, he didn’t get to enjoy his lunch because of its weird taste.

“I took a bite of it and it tasted… I knew what butter tasted like and it didn’t taste like what butter tasted like,” Abe recalled.

Abe's first and last day in kindergarten

Weisberg shared that she left work early that day to see how her son’s first day of school went. She expected him to be happy and proud of his accomplishments so it was really surprising when he made such a crude comment about his lunch rather than talking about school.

Weisberg, on the other hand, agreed that the sandwich was really bad.

“I was just so shocked that that was what he said. He had that look on his face like you seriously can’t help kind of laughing. It was a horrible sandwich and I deserved all the roasting. I am terrible sandwich mom, that’s how it goes now.”

Mom gets a savage food review from son

She also said that she laughed as much as the rest of the people in the world. “It makes me so happy how much laughter this has brought the world. It also helps moms get off the hook a bit. It’s so hard being a mom and you always want to portray the best picture but I love that I can share my mom-fail with the world and hopefully, it makes other moms feel a little better,” Weisberg said.

Abe’s video became an instant online sensation but according to Weisberg, it was actually taken a few years ago and has always been an inside joke in her family. After being encouraged by a friend to post it on TikTok, she did.

Abe and his mom Ricki with their dog

Now that Abe is 9 years old, he appreciates his parents’ love and efforts more. He also loves that his video is going viral and he thinks it’s hysterical.

Weisberg said, “He wants to be a YouTuber, so he’s feeling like it’s a big moment for him. He’s pumped up. It’s really cute.”

Abe and his family

Another benefit of the viral food review was that it helped Weisberg and Abe to bond more. “One of the best parts about Abe is that he’s taught me to take myself less seriously. I think that’s one of the best parts about having a kid. You just can’t take yourself as seriously when there’s someone who’s just calling you out on everything all the time,” Weisberg said.

“I just encourage everyone to build that level of trust with your kids so they can be brutally honest with you – because it makes it more fun.”

Below is Ricky Weisberg’s viral TikTok video.

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