4-Year-Old Girl Calls Elderly Widow 'Old', Mom Is Stunned By His Response

July 13, 2017Jul 13, 2017

When Tara Wood decided to take her 4-year-old daughter to the grocery store on her birthday, she never imagined it would be a trip that would change both of their lives forever. Tara's daughter is named Norah.

The day before their trip to the store, Norah had told her mom how she loved elderly people.

“I’d just picked her up from preschool when she cautioned me to mind the elderly person walking across the parking lot at a glacier’s pace," wrote Tara.

According to the story, Norah said she loved elderly people and "their soft skin, their slow-moving gestures, and how — since they’re reaching the end of their lifespans — she wants to love ‘em all up before they is died.”

Tara thought her daughter's words were super cute. She even decided to post them to Facebook.

“I was struck by her thoughtfulness and empathy and posted that quote as a status update on Facebook when we got home. I had no idea how much she really meant it.”

The next day, on Norah's actual birthday, the pair went to the store to buy some cupcakes to celebrate. That's when Norah did something her mother never expected.

“I popped Norah and her younger sister in one of those enormous and cumbersome grocery carts shaped like a car, and headed toward the bakery. After we picked up the cupcakes, I stopped at a clearance shelf that caught my eye."

“While I was distracted, picking up and then dismissing the bottles of almost expired Ranch dressing and cans of Ensure, Norah was busy standing up in the cart, excitedly waving and gleefully proclaiming, ‘Hi old person! It’s my birfday today!’

“The man was elderly, stone-faced, and furrow-browed. However, before I could ‘shush’ her for calling him an ‘old person’ or ask the Earth to swallow me whole, he stopped and turned to her."

Tara had no idea how the man was going to respond. After all, her daughter had just yelled across the store and called him old. she never expected what he would do next.

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