4 Movies Chuck Norris Says YOU'LL WANT TO SEE

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April 06, 2016Apr 06, 2016

As someone who's been on the screen a number of times, actor and martial artist Chuck Norris also enjoys sitting in front of it with a big carton of popcorn. And if do too and you're a Christian and a conservative, he's got four movies he thinks you'll want to see this spring and summer.


According to his World Net Daily, Chuck recommends:

1. "Do You Believe," an inspirational movie about a pastor's whose faith is shaken after an encounter with a street preacher. It's now available on Blu-Ray
2. “I Am Not Ashamed: The Rachel Joy Scott Columbine Story,” a heart-wrenching film about the unwavering faith of a Christian girl who became the first victim of the deadly 1999 mass shooting. It's opening on the April 20th anniversary.
3. "God's Not Dead 2," a box office hit about a teacher who comes under fire for standing up for her faith. It opened this weekend.
4. “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party," a Dinesh D'Souza film about the shady underworkings of D.C. and what the Democratic Party's true mission is. It opens in theaters in July.

Do you think you'd watch them?