49 People Dead After Plane Lands Wrong Way on Runway and Bursts into Flames

March 12, 2018Mar 12, 2018

At least 49 people have died after a tragic accident occurred at an international airport. According to reports, a commercial plane approached the runway from the wrong direction, crashed and burst into flames. The death toll is expected to rise.

"The plane had permission to land from the southern side of the runway but they instead landed on the northern side. Authorities do not know why they did not land from the southern side," an official said.


The crash occurred at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan Airport in Nepal. The plane, flights BS 211, is a US-Bangala Airline jet. It was flying from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Kathmandu.

There were 71 passengers on board at the time of the crash, including the crew. Sadly, only 22 people have survived. 9 were taken to the hospital but succumbed to their injuries.

"I was on my rooftop that overlooks Kathmandu from the top of the valley -- I spend most of my time there -- when I saw the plane flying at very low altitude," an American living in Kathmandu told CNN by phone.



The passengers were mainly Nepalese and Bangladeshi with one from China and one from the Maldives. At this time, the nationalities of the crew members have yet to be released.

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Please join us in praying for the victims of the crash. Please also pray for their families and friends. Let us know your comments and thoughts about the incident. Also, read our breaking news story about the world famous entertainer who just died only 2 days after marrying the love of his life.

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