47 Dead, Dozens Wounded After Horrible Explosion at Major Factory

October 27, 2017Oct 27, 2017

A horrible tragedy has rocked a small country today. Indonesia is repeating that many people have died after a terrible explosion took place yesterday.

The incident has left 47 people dead at this time. There is word that officials are expecting that number to grow. The incident happened when a fireworks factory exploded.

An explosion and inferno at a fireworks factory near the Indonesian capital on Thursday killed at least 47 people, most of them female workers who were apparently locked inside, and injured dozens, reported Time.


"I lost so many friends. I couldn't help. Everybody just ran for safety," said one worker who managed to escape the blast.

Officials say they are investigating the incident. There has been no clear answer at this time about how the explosion occurred. Investigators are looking to make sure all proper precautions were being followed.



"We are still investigating the cause of the fire and questioning witnesses," the police chief told reporters. "Factory owners or anyone who neglects and violates safety rules should be held legally responsible."

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