3 Years Later IRS Admits To Targeting THESE Conservative Groups

June 06, 2016Jun 06, 2016

In 2013 a major scandal erupted when it was revealed that the IRS was actively targeting conservative groups and hindering their application process for tax-exempt status.

Originally the list of groups targeted by the Obama administration were thought to total 298 groups, but according to Fox the number of groups targeted is much higher. A new list released by the IRS after a long drawn out battle reveals 426 groups.

It is very clear that conservatives were the target of the IRS because the list shows that 60 of the groups’ names had the word “tea” in the name. “Tea” refers to the Tea Party. In addition, 33 of the groups used the word “patriot.” An additional 34 groups used either the word “constitution” or “liberty” in their name.

The documents were released after the IRS was severely scolded by Circuit Court Judge Raymond Kethledge in March. “Among the most serious allegations a federal court can address are that an Executive agency has targeted citizens for mistreatment based on their political views,” Kethledge said. “No citizen, Republican or Democrat, socialist or libertarian should be targeted or even have to fear being targeted on those grounds.”