3 Ways To Start Your Day Happier--And Keep It That Way

September 29, 2015Sep 29, 2015


We've all been there: You wake up and your mind fills with worries. What didn't I get done yesterday? Will the bad things that happened yesterday happen again today? How will I do it all today?

Then, we go and make it worse by doing what? Reaching for the phone. E-mail. Facebook. Weather. News. None of these these things exactly say, "Wake up slowly and with peace."

Think of it like breakfast for your mind. We've all had that sugary donut first thing in the morning, only to feel terrible later. Same with the things we first look at and consume in the morning: If they're nutritious, they'll help power us through the whole day; if they're not, we'll feel not so good.

 So, what is a nutritious breakfast for our mind? Glad you asked. Here is a recipe with just 3 ingredients that will take you just 5 minutes and give you a wonderful start to your day!


1) Thankfulness: When you first wake up, think of 5 things you are thankful for. For me this morning, I was thankful that my baby slept well (if you're a parent you know what I mean!), that my husband is so kind, that it's beautiful weather, that my family loves me, and that I'm enjoying being a mom more (first-time mom and still learning!). What are your 5? Then, after that...

2) Prayer Requests: What are 5 things you need God's help with today? It can be for your family, for friends, for yourself. And of course, it can be more than 5! For me, it's just a helpful number :) Then, after that...

3) Bible Passage: Read a verse or chapter and just let it sink in and wash over you. Pick a certain thought from it to carry with you that day. I personally use a Bible app on my phone from YouVersion and it gives me a scripture every day and I just read the chapter it gives me; it's kind of fun to think, 'What will it be today?' 


So that's the recipe! It will give you an incredible start to your day, especially as opposed to the "morning breakfast" I used to have of Facebook, e-mail, and the weather. Not that helpful! Of course, I check those things later, but it feels so good to start with thankfulness, prayer, and the Bible.

What about you? Do you have a hard time feeling positive in the morning? Or do you have a good routine? Would love to hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!