3 Things That Could Stop Trump

February 24, 2016Feb 24, 2016

Donald Trump has emerged as by far the leading Republican candidate for President. He has now won 3 out of the 4 primary and caucus states and is leading coming into Super Tuesday.

Is there anything that could stop him? Here are 3 that could.


1) He finally says something so outrageous that it turns off a significant part of the electorate. So far, this hasn't happened. Each time he tangles with or criticizes someone, whether John McCain, the Pope, immigrants or others, he emerges stronger. But some day he could say something so bad that public opinion could turn.
2) Ted Cruz could win 3 to 5 states on Super Tuesday. This would slow Donald's momentum considerably and give his opponents a chance to turn this into more of a race.
3) Rubio or Cruz, as well as Kasich and Carson, drop out and leave Donald with just one opponent. Right now Trump is getting 25% to 45% of the vote, but he is winning largely because he has so many opponents and they split the vote. If he has just one opponent left, that opponent could have a chance. The problem with this scenario? Both Cruz and Rubio are likely to think it is the other person who should drop out.

Will any of these 3 happen? It seems increasingly unlikely that anyone could stop Trump at this point — but never say never!