3 Things Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Agree On!

April 07, 2016Apr 07, 2016

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are in many ways polar opposites. Donald is a true capitalist; Bernie is a democratic socialist. Donald's tax returns are amazingly complex; Bernie's are prepared by his wife.

However, they do agree on some things. Here are 3:


1) They both don't like the influence of SuperPAC's. Bernie won't have a SuperPAC; Donald, even though he has lots of rich friends, doesn't want any of them starting a SuperPAC. They probably both agree SuperPAC's have too much influence in politics and can be used to curry favor.

2) They both don't like all the trade agreements. Both Donald and Bernie stand against recent trade agreements that they both feel hurts the American worker and middle class.

3) They both want to radically change the system. Bernie wants socialism and a 85% maximum income tax. Donald wants to redo trade and foreign agreements, change the tax system, and get America winning again. Neither is content with the status quo.

So will it be Bernie running against Donald this fall? No one knows right now — but this has been a crazy political year so far!