3 Protesters Arrested After Storming College Republican Meeting

October 20, 2017Oct 20, 2017

Fox News has reported that liberal protesters recently interrupted a College Republican meeting on Sunday night. The meeting was taking place in the library of the University of California, Santa Cruz. This was when liberal protesters stormed into the room, began causing a scene, and then refused to leave. 

The video shows that the College Republicans wanted to speak with the protesters, in order to figure out where their differences were and have a productive dialogue. But the protesters weren't interested in dialogue. Rather, they simply wanted their opponents to end their meeting, implying that the mere existence of the meeting was triggering students on campus. 

Scott Hernandez-Jason, the school's director of news and media relations, claimed that he was disappointed by the entire ordeal. 

“It’s unfortunate and disappointing that a few students disrupted their meeting and refused repeated requests to leave,” Hernandez-Jason said, according to Fox News. “UC Santa Cruz vigorously supports our students’ rights to peacefully and lawfully assemble.”

The protesters stormed the library building after realizing that the College Republicans were having a meeting on the ground floor. These liberal protesters were upset not only because the College Republicans were having a meeting, but also because they posted information about their meeting on Facebook.

The core group consisted of three protesters, as well as a group of other students who showed up and began chanting "No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!"

The protesters told the Republicans that their existence was a disturbance to every marginalized member in the country. 

Fox News reports that soon after the disturbance began, several students studying in the library began to complain and therefore approached the librarian to solve the problem. The librarian then tried to eliminate what she assumed was the source of the problem: the students belonging to the College Republicans. In an attempt to resolve the situation, the librarian thus asked the College Republicans to leave the library. But the group refused. 

The librarian then left and returned with her boss. At this point, the protesters turned on her as well, claiming that she was a white supremacist. The campus police were then called, which included a black officer, but the protesters claimed that he was a white supremacist and racist too. 

“Almost all the people in the library, mostly liberal at this point, started getting upset with them, and laughing at them and telling them to leave,” said a student. “The whole school and the whole library turned against them.”

The protesters were then arrested by police, who upon arrival was unable to negotiate a peaceful conclusion. 

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