3 Key Results to Watch for in Tonight's Elections

March 15, 2016Mar 15, 2016

Tonight's elections could significantly alter the Presidential race. Over 300 delegates are being awarded on the Republican side, and this is a key night for Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side. Here are 3 keys to interpret the results.

1) Will Rubio and Kasich win their home states? If Rubio wins Florida and Kasich wins Ohio, this puts a huge roadblock in Donald Trump's march to the nomination, and both candidates will definitely stay in. It has been widely assumed both would drop out if they lose, although Marco Rubio stunned observers this morning by saying he would stay in even if he loses Florida.

2) Can Bernie stop the Hillary train? If Bernie wins at least two states, let alone three, it could significantly slow down Hillary's march to the nomination. If she wins all five states, it is all over.

3) Can Cruz lose all five states and still win 100 delegates? If Cruz loses all five states, as the polls currently predict, and yet still wins at least 100 delegates by placing a strong second in Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina, he will stay close to Trump in the delegate count and it will essentially be a two person race.