Victim Identified After 3 Found Dead, 1 Injured In Recent Shooting

October 20, 2017Oct 20, 2017

Three people were found dead and another wounded after a tragic shooting on Thursday. The incident occurred outside of an apartment complex and the shooting suspected was among those who were found dead at the scene. 

The pre-dawn shooting took place at 720 City Park Avenue. The motive for the shooting is not yet known, according to CBS. After shots were heard and a local person called for help, the campus security at a local university alerted students and faculty via text and email to remain in the buildings. The students were to make sure not to go outside. 

Early on Friday, the Larimer County coroner's office identified one of the victims as university student Savannah McNealy, 22. She was found with multiple gunshot wounds, and according to sources, her death was deemed a homicide. 

McNealy was a student studying liberal arts, art, and art history. She was also a very talented designer for Colorado State University life, the campus publication in which she was involved. 

"We are deeply saddened by this terrible loss to our campus community and will share more information as we have it," the university said in an email. 

The other three identified victims of the shooting haven't yet been identified by authorities. But it is known that they were probably not affiliated with CSU.

According to CBS News, City police Sgt. Dean Cunningham remarked that the shooter was known by one of the victims. 

The apartment was blocked off with yellow police tape. 

Former CSU student who lives near the crime scene told CBS Denver that he was awakened by the loud gunfire and a woman's loud plea for help. 

"There was a lot of gunshots actually, so, I don't know, they sounded like they were all coming from the same place," Rutz said, according to CBS. 

"We just kept hearing these manic screams, at which point we decided to call 911," said Austin Pickett, who lives in the scene.

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