3 Big Things That Could Happen out of Tonight's Super Tuesday Votes

March 01, 2016Mar 01, 2016

About 1/4 of the total delegates will be awarded tonight. Tonight, March 1, could make history in American politics — and may well determine the next President of the United States.


Here are 3 possible outcomes that could come about as a result of today's races.

1) Hillary Clinton could clinch the nomination. She already has several hundred "super-delegates" chosen for her. While this seems like a very unfair and undemocratic way of choosing a winner, it is the way the Democratic Party plays politics. If she wins all or most the states on Super Tuesday, it gets very hard to see how Bernie Sanders can win.

2) Either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio could break away from the other one and set themselves up as a strong competitor to Trump. Right now, Cruz and Rubio are splitting the "non-Trump" vote just about equally; and as a result, Donald wins almost every contest. If wither Ted or Marco does real well tonight — and the other does relatively poorly — there could be increasing pressure for one to drop out and things could begin to come together for whoever the winner is.

3) The Trump stampede could intensify. Right now, Donald Trump is leading in the polls, and every controversial thing he says just seems to increase his base of support. If he wins all or almost all of the states convincingly tonight, you might begin to see more endorsements like Chris Christie; if he then goes on to win most states on March 15, the race could be over by the end of March.

So tune in tonight to see which — if any! — of these 3 occurs tonight!