Terror Strikes: 39 People Confirmed Dead After Horrific ISIS Attack

March 21, 2018Mar 21, 2018

39 people have sadly perished in a horrific terror attack by ISIS. The news was reported early Wednesday morning.

According to numerous news reports, the 39 Indian construction workers who were recently kidnapped by ISIS have been found dead. The incident occurred in Mosul, Iraq.

The bodies were recovered from a mound in Badush, in the Iraqi city of Mosul, which was retaken from the Islamic State terror group, also known as Isis, last July. DNA tests had confirmed the bodies to be those of the construction workers who went missing from Mosul, foreign minister Sushma Swaraj said, reported the Irish Times.

“With full proof I can say these 39 are dead,” Ms Swaraj told parliament.

Officials used DNA tests to confirm the remains are those of the missing construction workers. Please join us in praying for their families during this tragic time.



“Shattered at the heart-wrenching news ... that the 39 Indians missing in Iraq, most of whom were Punjabis, are dead,” Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh said on Twitter.
“My heart goes out to the families who had been living in hope since their reported abduction by Isis in 2014.”


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