37 Terrorists Left Dead After Botched Attack, Car Prematurely Explodes

December 07, 2018Dec 07, 2018

America has been fighting the war on terror for decades. Taliban fighters have been relentless in their attempts to kill innocent people and bring their hateful ideology to the world.

Now, karma has struck them in a major way. A car bomb prematurely exploded and killed dozens of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

"According to Pajhwok Afghan Network, Aziz Ahmad Aziz a spokesman for the governor told the network that the incident took place in Maroof district late Friday night. Aziz said the explosion occurred after 'militants rigged a Humvee vehicle with explosives and wanted to target border police battalion in Atghar district of southern Zabul province,'" reported Western Journal.

The militants were said to be planning an attack on the Afghan military. Besides killing Taliban members, the bomb is also said to have destroyed tons of their equipment and vehicles.

Please join us in continuing to pray for peace throughout the world. While America has not had a massive terrorist attack in a while, the threat exists everyday. Join us in praying for the protection of our men and women in uniform, both here and overseas. We ask that God's protection surrounds them as they defend freedom around the globe.

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