37.8 Million Fire Extinguishers Sold Over 44 Years Recalled, Free Replacements

November 02, 2017Nov 02, 2017

This week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a massive recall of fire extinguishers. Nearly 40 million extinguishers are being recalled because they might not work in the case of an emergency.

The federal government issued the recall of at least 37.8 million Kidde extinguishers. The recall covers everything sold within the last 44 years, including 142 Kidde models.

Ann Marie Buerkle, a leader in the agency, said, “It’s a product that a lot of people have in their homes, in their offices.”

The company said that the extinguishers have plastic handles and a push button or "pindicator." They said that the buttons can clog, thus resulting in failure to operate correctly. Additionally, they said that the nozzles can pop off with extreme force, causing even more danger.

So far, there have been almost 400 reports of malfunctioning extinguishers. The malfunctions have resulted in 16 injuries and 1 death.

California chief fire marshal James McMullen said, “You’re better off to have no fire extinguisher than a defective fire extinguisher.”

McMullen said that people will often go toward the fire when they have an extinguisher in order to put it out. If one fails to work, however, the user will have put themselves into an even more dangerous situation than if they would have simply escaped.

He said, “If you attack a fire thinking you’re going to put it out with a defective fire extinguisher and it doesn’t work you put yourself in harm’s way.”

Kidde said that “customer safety is our first priority,” and that they are working closely with authorities to ensure that safety. They said that they are putting in the effort to replace all of these extinguishers as quickly as possible.

Buerkle said, “Get a new fire extinguisher free of charge in your home and have that certainty that it will work.”

The new extinguishers are made with metal parts instead of plastic, making it harder for them to malfunction. Below is the list of the recalled models:

Do you own one of these or know someone who does? Share this to bring awareness about this potentially dangerous situation. In other news, a famous fast-food chain franchise just filed bankruptcy and will be closing multiple locations.

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