32-Year-Old California Billionaire Planning to Kill Himself to Give His Brain to Science

March 16, 2018Mar 16, 2018

A bizarre news story is making headlines after it was announced that a famous billionaire is making plans to kill himself for science. Sam Altman, who is only 32, plans to have his brain preserved.

"A Silicon Valley billionaire will be euthanized for a science experiment, the New York Post reported Tuesday, so his brain can be preserved," according to the Daily Caller.

Altman dropped $10,000 to pay for a new company, Netcome, to harvest his brain after he is dead. The company is claiming they can preserve your brain and grant it eternal life once science is able to keep brains alive forever.

The process is “100 percent fatal” based on scientists using embalming chemicals on patients under anesthesia. The brain is then preserved and hooked to a computer system, according to MIT Technology Review.



“I assume my brain will be uploaded to the cloud,” said Altman.

Usually, customers who pay for this service are terminally ill. For Altman, this appears to not be the case. There is no word yet open when he plans to kill himself and have his brain harvested.


If he changes his mind the company is supposed to offer a full refund. So far, 25 other people have signed up to have their brains "preserved" forever.

“We believe that within the current century it will be feasible to digitize this information and use it to recreate your consciousness,” said Robert McIntyre, Netcome co-founder. Netcome already received a $1 billion from the National Institute of Health, due to allegedly being able to study the brain and illnesses, reported Fortune.

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