310K Chests Recalled for Danger to Tip Over and Crush Children

May 09, 2019May 09, 2019

A new recall is impacting lots of people, especially those who recently styled their homes. A deadly risk is threatening people who purchased a chest of drawers.

According to reports, South Shore Furniture is recalling about 310,000 chests after a 2-year-old was killed and another child was injured by units that tipped over and fell on top of them.

"The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday that the chests are unstable if they are not secured to a wall and could result in death or injuries to children," according to NBC.

We recommenced everyone always secure furniture to your walls. Even if you don't have little children or pets, furniture could fall over. Some people secure their items to the wall due to earthquake threats.

This particular recall is impacting customers who bought the "Libra style 3-drawer chest of drawers" for their homes. They were sole from 2009 until 2018.

"The recalled model numbers, found on a label on the back of the chest, are 3146033, 3070033, 3159033, 3050033, 3113033, 10430, 10433, 10680, 10682. The model numbers may have A, B, C, D or E at the end. Some recalled chests were sold as part of a set that included a bed and nightstand, with model numbers 3070223, 3159223, 3050223," according to NBC.

Check your home and be sure to spread the word about this scary new development!

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