2 Thieves Rob Cellphone Store At Gunpoint, But Watch What Happens When They Try To Leave

August 24, 2016Aug 24, 2016

Surveillance footage with audio captured a pure Internet video gem when two thieves robbed a New Jersey cellphone store last week and had the manager lock the front door. What happens next makes this the most hilarious dumb criminals video ever. It's almost four minutes long but worth every second.

According to Global News, multiple calls were made to 911 about the robbery in progress, but the dispatcher thought the callers were merely referring to a shoplifter. By the time it was made clear that the thieves were armed, leading to an immediate response from police, the thieves had had enough time to use a toolbox they found in the store to remove the security bars from a back window and escape through it.

The thieves are still on the loose and dispatchers are being retrained to better respond to emergency calls.