2 keys to a happy marriage

September 19, 2015Sep 19, 2015

Do you remember the old movie that said "Love means never having to say you're sorry?"  Recently Donald Trump joked in an interview he believed in apologies and would be happy to apologize if he was ever wrong!

The opposite of what the movie said is actually true in marriage.  One of the first keys to a happy marriage is:  Be willing every day to say you're sorry and mean it!  We all know a fake apology -- "I'm sorry if what I said hurt your feelings" -- versus a real one -- "I'm sorry what I said was rude and insensitive".   

When we are humble and admit we are wrong -- when we truly try to change our behavior -- when we ask forgiveness without demanding change in our spouse -- we put down our sword and shield and sow the seeds of positive change.  So try it today!  

The second key is:  Look for good in your spouse and praise or compliment them every day!  

It is so easy for us to find fault; it can be a subtle way of exalting ourself and putting someone else down.  Let's try the reverse -- look for a good character quality, or activity, or something your spouse does or says, and praise them for it!   

It doesn't have to sound artificial.  "Thank you for the way you take great care of our house."  "Thank you for how you work so hard to provide for our family."  "I love how you are so patient with our kids." A little humility and apology -- and a little praise and thankfulness -- can go a long way to creating a healthy marriage.