29 Million People Face Severe Storm Threats: Hail, Damaging Winds, Tornadoes

March 19, 2018Mar 19, 2018

More than 29 million people face a threat of severe storms on Monday. These storms might bring hail the size of tennis balls, extremely damaging winds, and strong tornadoes, according to AP News.

The south will be especially impacted by these storm threats. According to sources, the storms will impact large portions of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. On top of that, a small portion of northeast Mississippi will be under tornado threat on Monday afternoon and evening. 

A strong thunderstorm was dropping hail in northern Mississippi on Monday afternoon, according to Ap News. 

ABC News reports that a large storm system is currently moving through the Great Planes on Monday morning, thereby bringing unsettled weather from the Dakotas all the way to the southeastern United States. Yesterday alone, more than three dozen damaging storm reports were made, the vast majority of them in east-central Texas where hail, according to ABC News, was larger than golf balls. 

Texas winds were also howling at 60 miles per hour or greater in Eastern Texas. On the northern side of the storm, heavy snow was falling around Denver, with somewhere between 5 to 10 inches falling overnight in the metro area. 

As the storm moves to the southeast United States, the biggest threat for tornadoes will be from Nashville to Birmingham and west of Atlanta this afternoon and evening.

The risk of isolated tornadoes will continue into Tuesday. One website also claims that extreme weather in the South will likely continue into Wednesday, too. 

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