25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Let him introduce himself while there’s some time to kill! Despite his starring role in the film, Descendants franchising and making it all the way to the finale The Masked Singer, there’s still plenty about Cheyenne Jackson that fans don’t know — but now, he’s spilling all his secrets exclusively with Us Weekly.

The Broadway veteran, now 46, has been featured on episodes of Call me KatJulie and the Phantoms, Glee  American Horror Story — the latter of which he costarred alongside Lady Gaga.

“I love Gaga,” Jackson previously told Use in October 2019. “We’ve remained friends. She’s just amazing … and she’s remained grounded and cool and awesome. I’d never done a nude scene [before AHS]. I was 40 years old, and I was like, ‘Here we go.’ And she’s comfortable with nudity. I was like, ‘All right!’”

Cheyenne Jackson
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When the Washington native is not belting out musical numbers or tackling dramatic monologues, he’s a doting dad to 5-year-old twins Willow and Ethan, whom he shares with his husband, Jason Landau.

“They’re incredible,” Jackson gushed about his little ones during a November 2021 appearance on E! News’ Daily Pop. “We never stop thinking about them. I drop them off at school, and then I park in the lot and look at photos of them. I just dropped them off!”

Scroll down to learn more about this. American Woman alum:

1. Any Peloton class taught is my favorite workout. Jess King. She’ll motivate you to do just about anything.

2. My favorite song that I have ever sungThe Masked Singer was “La Copa de la Vida.” Ricky [Martin]It was a friend’s idea, and he thought it was great!

3. My kids love Descendants 3  The Masked Singer so I really am the coolest dad right now. They’ll figure out in a couple years I’m not, but for now, I’m the coolest!

4. The set of the strangest day I ever had American Horror Story It was when Lady Gaga was naked in my bed. [depicting] a threesome because I’m the biggest Gaga fan. She was much more comfortable being naked than me.

5. People make mistakes Matt BomerI am me all the time. I’m not mad at it; Matt looks like a statue. One woman in Target wouldn’t believe me when I told her I wasn’t him.

6. People often say that I look taller than what I see on TV.

7. One time only AHS, Angela BassettI had to sprint, jump through the air on my neck and bite my throat. Surreal was watching her just run and leap on top of me without any rehearsal. I kept telling myself, “Don’t drop American treasure Angela Bassett.”

8. My first car, a 1981 Chevy Citation hatchback in cherry red.

9. Granola cereal in large bowls with milk is my favorite late-night snack [while]You can watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

10. Sweeney Todd would be my ideal stage role.

11. My most embarrassing moment was when I ripped my pants up four times during the run. #BigButtProblems

12. My preshow rituals include vocal warm ups, script revisits, caffeine, and brushing my teeth before I head out.

13. The best parenting advice I’ve ever received is kids need strict boundaries because it makes them feel safe, free and expressed.

14. My best parenting advice? [that hiring]A night nurse is a better investment than any other thing on earth.

15. I don’t do karaoke. Ever.

16. I was the most starstruck when I was singing “Sodomy” from Hair With Meryl StreepNew York City Public Theater Benefit

17. My favorite musical is Gypsy.

18. Gaga would be my dream duet partner, always.

19. Growing up, my celebrity crush was the Dukes Of Hazzard. Either. Or both.

20. The best advice I’ve ever received was, “They won, you lost, move on.”

21. My favorite wardrobe item is my Alo sweatpants.

22. On a typical Sunday, I can be found in the pool with my family.

23. A waffle is my favorite dish. (I can’t cook.)

24. The best gifts I’ve received from my kids are anything they make themselves.

25. Growing up, the performer I looked up most to was George Michael. I wanted to look and sound just like him.

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