25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Christina Milian

It is Hispanic Heritage Month and triple threat Christina Milian Us WeeklyEverything she loves most about being Latinx.

“What makes me proud to be Latina is that Latinos and Hispanics live out loud!” the “Dip It Low” artist, 40, exclusively told Use. “We tend to be happy people with a flair for life. Our food, music, family values and work ethic play huge roles in how we live and conduct ourselves.”

The Love Don’t Cost a ThingAfro-Cuban actress Milian also spoke candidly about her role as Latinx business owner. As the co-founder of the Beignet Box Cafe in Studio City, California, “I know how important having community support is to be successful,” Milian told Use. “I’m honored to be partnering with Yelp to bring even more awareness to small Latinx-owned businesses, as featured on Yelp’s list of Latinx ‘Ones to Watch’ businesses this month.

The “Bedrock” singer — who shares daughter Violet, 12, with ex-husband The-Dream, and their sons Kenna, 17 month, and Isaiah, 2, with boyfriend Matt Pokora — also “love[s] dancing merengue … to Latin music, of course.”

Milian has been candid about her identity as Latinx, telling the Huffington Post in 2015 that she never felt that she “had to make a choice” between being African-American and Cuban.

“Since early, it’d be like, I’m Cuban but [people] didn’t get it because I was also brown-skinned, and you usually see a fair-skinned Latino, so it was just like, ‘Oh, what are you? Are you black? Are you black?’” she recalled at the time. The “AM to PM” singer always felt solid in her identity.

“I didn’t feel like I had to make a choice,” she added. “I am what I am.”

Scroll down to find out which pop star made Milian cry (happy sighs!).), as well as the actress’ favorite activities with her children and more:

1. Uno is a favorite game of mine to play with Violet, my daughter. I also like to build magnetic things. [blocks]With my two younger children.

2. The most common thing fans say to me is, “I grew up watching you/listening to your music! You look the same.”

3. Janet JacksonHer idol was growing up. She is my idol growing up.

4. Janet was my star, and I was astonished when I met her. After a conversation, Janet congratulated and praised me for my music career. I cried like a baby when she left.

5. I didn’t splurge after my record label signing or my first publishing deal. I saved everything. [and]Finally, I bought a modestly new car and a house.

6. The AlchemistIt is at the top on my list of favourite books.

7. Jeans with holes are my favourite item in my wardrobe. They’ll forever have my heart.

8. Latina pride comes from the fact that Latinos and Hispanics are loud! We tend to be happy people who are open-minded and have a great sense of humor. Our lifestyle, our work ethic, and our family values all play a significant role in how we live.

9. The best advice I’ve received was, “Stay humble and grateful because whatever goes up will eventually come back down.”

10. On an average Sunday, you’d probably find me out with my husband and kids at a park or a family event.

11. Violet makes me laugh every day! We joke about pranks we can do that we don’t ever really do … but the ideas amuse us.

12. Lately I’m loving Orangetheory. It’s a full-body [workout]Every time is different and I can go along with friends.

13. Lauryn HillThis was the first concert that I attended. I was 16-17 years old, and my boyfriend won tickets on the radio for me.

14. I love dancing merengue … to Latin music, of course.

15. I’d love to work with Ava DuVernay someday.

16. I love to make bead jewelry. I’m not too bad at it, either.

17. Paris Morgan was my favorite character. Love Don’t Cost a Thing. It was my first major role and I still love that movie.

18. My favorite look was at 2005 Grammys. I wore a Versace runway piece paired with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

19. As a Latinx business owner, it is crucial to have community support in order to succeed. I’m honored to be partnering with Yelp to bring even more awareness to small Latinx-owned businesses, as featured on Yelp’s list of Latinx “Ones to Watch” businesses this month.

20. When I was younger, I longed to be a journalist or participate in the Olympics. I was an athlete.

21. I love Corsica, especially in Summer.

22. Picadillo is a favorite of mine, which I serve with rice or plantains.

23. My favorite beauty product is Dior Rose Caviar face elixir. It’s an absolute must.

24. I’m obsessed with chips.

25. I still have many Christian Louboutins.