25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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Secret chef Jamie ChungOpened up to Us Weekly about what fans might not know about her — and the ReunionStar has serious cooking skills.

The actress, 39, said that she loves to make Korean hot pot at her home. “You need to start with the base — it’s with the miso base,” she exclusively told Use. “You add a little Korean red chili flakes and then you cook all the vegetables and then you throw in Odon noodles. Then — the very last minute you can — do strips of meat or you can do your shrimp. As it’s boiling, you can serve it right in the middle of the table. Everyone has their own little bowl.”

She loves to embrace her roots in the kitchen as well as on screen. Chung, who is married. Bryan Greenberg, said that her favorite role ever was on HBO’s Emmy-nominated series Lovecraft CountryJi-Ah.

“I was so terrified of speaking Korean, and it’s an identity that I always fought when I was much younger, you know, because I wanted to assimilate and be like everyone else,” the San Francisco native explained. “I’m particularly proud of that role because I really got to do everything. I got to get over a lot of my fears, which is speaking Korean in a role, singing in a role, dancing in a role — I really had to do it all. So that’s kind of the peak.”

One year after she had played her favorite character, she was asked to play the role of mom. Chung and theOne Tree HillAlum who had married in 2015, gave birth to twin boys by surrogate in October 2021.

“They’re just starting solid foods, and it’s so fun watching them explore,” she gushed while promoting her partnership with Huggies’ Baby Academy for Pups. “They’re really taking everything in. … It’s so fun to see them react to new things, whether it’s new tastes, new sounds, new visions, a swing. It’s been a really fun delight to kind of rediscover all of these things with them.”

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1. One place I’d like to visit is Greenland, because I want to see the [aurora] borealis.

2. My first car, a Volkswagen Jetta, was my first. I didn’t know how to drive a stick when I drove it off the lot, but you learn quickly.

3. One piece of clothing I can’t live without is underwear.

4. The best advice I’ve gotten is don’t go to sleep angry.

5. The best advice I’ve ever given is that there’s only one way [from the bottom], and that’s up.

6. The song that brings back the best memory for me is anything R&B, or anything from the ’90s.

7. My secret talent is my ability to change a diaper in less than five seconds. We use Huggies’ Special Delivery diapers because they are soft and proven to be hypoallergenic.

8. My favorite movie of all isThe Green MileIt’s because I can see it over and over. But then there’s also Forrest Gump, which is almost like a masterpiece, so either one of these two.

9. [Being]Being a mom is my ideal role. It was something I never imagined I would love so much.

10. My husband gave me the most wonderful gift of all: an hour so I could get massage.

11. The biggest misconception about me is that I’m short.

12. The kitchen nook is my favorite space in my house. It receives the best light in mornings. It is serene and zen, and all the beautiful flowers are there.

13. The show I’m binging right now isNaked and Afraid: XL.

14. My go-to snack is whatever the babies are snacking on these days, so it’s a lot of teething crackers.

15. My proudest moment was when I played Ji-Ah in Lovecraft Country. I was able overcome many of my fears, including speaking Korean and dancing.

16. Twins are a great way to be a parent, but it can be difficult to lose yourself.

17. My first job was at The Athlete’s Foot. I was obsessed with sneakers and could only buy them by having my own job. [there].

18. My most star-struck moment was when I met Meryl Streep. Bryan worked with her to make a film, and I had the opportunity to meet her at a party. I was tongue-tied.

19. You can find me at home on Saturday nights with a glass wine and probably entertaining friends.

20. On Sunday afternoons, you will find me walking around in a park with my children and my dog.

21. I am still in touch with many of my former costars, however I keep most up to date with the Gifted cast.

22. My celebrity crush growing-up was Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

23. To draw inspiration for roles, I do a deep dive into the person — what they like and the history of what’s going on at that time.

24. The best compliment I’ve received was from my [kids’] pediatrician. She’s like, “You guys are doing great.”

25. A Korean hot pot is my favorite dish to cook at home.

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