25 Things You Don’t Know About Her

Queen Elizabeth II.

What was going on inside the palace walls and what did they do? Queen Elizabeth IIBefore her death at 96, she was the longest-reigning British monarch. This makes her one of most fascinating people on the planet. Despite being in the public eye her entire life, there are still many things that most people don’t know about her. Us WeeklyWe have collected 25 fun facts on the sovereign to help you get ready for her September 2022 passing.

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1. The queen was so frugal, she saved rubber bands — and had a giant rubber band ball to show for it!

2. She often walked around her house, switching off lights to conserve electricity.

3. She always had a handbag.

4. Her bags were unique and bespoke. They were unique and coveted by no one else.

5. In her purse she always carried a small compact, lipstick and a white linen handkerchief with the initial “E.”

6. She also wore neutral nail colors.

7. Her most valuable possessions were her keys to her dispatch box, which allowed her to access confidential information between her family and her government ministers.

8. She carried the keys on a St. Christopher necklace that her father had given her.

9. The queen preferred ordinary people over royals and celebrities.

10. Her favorite place was her Balmoral estate in Scotland — where she ultimately passed away.

11. She particularly liked talking to anyone who’s interested in horses, dogs or the countryside.

12. She was good at accents, particularly Scottish and London’s East End dialects.

13. She loved to laugh and was a crazy fan of jokes!

14. Her sense of humor was very dry.

15. Her guilty pleasure was chocolate.

16. She preferred Cadbury and Kit Kats to the fancy stuff.

17. She didn’t love modern technology; she preferred an old-fashioned newspaper to reading on her phone.

18. She was a bit of an outsider as a homeschooled child.

19. With the birth of Princess Beatrice’s daughter in September, she had 12 great-grandchildren before her death.

20. She quit riding horses at 95 years old!

21. At 5 p.m., the queen drank Earl Grey tea

22. Her Majesty was advised to give up cocktails ahead of her passing, but when she did drink, she’d opt for a gin and Dubonnet.

23. She didn’t like to cause a fuss. She refused to complain when her fish was uncooked once, fearing that she would get in trouble with the chef.

24. She was a little formal. She treated her staff with respect but wasn’t quite as chummy with them as Duchess KateAnd Prince WilliamThey are with yours.

25. She’s said she would’ve been happy to have been a farmer’s wife!