23-Year-Old Sues Parents For No Longer Supporting Her; Here’s How That Worked Out

May 05, 2017May 05, 2017

A couple in Spain decided that it was time for their 23-year-old daughter to support herself and cut off the allowance she relied on exclusively to live.

Their daughter wasn’t happy and took her parents to court, suing them for not providing basic necessities for her until she could support herself, according to the UK’s Express.

But the court ruled in her parents’ favor after determining she was lazy and unwilling to work to support herself.

The judge pointed out that the daughter’s own spending habits kept her broke and she had never finished school, “despite relatives paying for her to attend courses in computer and office skills.”

The 23-year-old had a tendency to use the school money for other purchases and to drop out of the few classes she enrolled in.

As for trying to find a job, her parents said, “She either claimed it was too much work, too many hours, not enough money.”

The judge decided that, “The appellant's own behaviour after reaching the age of maturity — behavior legally qualifiable as laziness and lacking productive use of time and opportunities — that has left said appellant in her current situation."

The Express notes that Spain is one of the leading countries in Europe to have adult offspring still living at home. Incredibly, the average age of an adult leaving the home in that country is 29.

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