21-Year-Old Christian Killed While Sharing Scripture with His Murderer

December 11, 2017Dec 11, 2017

CBN News has reported that 21-year-old Jared Plesec, a Christian, was shot dead while "clutching his Bible and sharing God with his murderer." The tragedy occurred in Cleveland, Ohio last week. 

Plesec, a worker at the Salvation Army, was found outside of an apartment complex after he was allegedly shot and killed by 27-year-old William Jones. Plesec had been working as a Bible study teacher for the Salvation Army for a couple of years. He was apparently wearing his uniform and on his way to collect volunteer money for the organization's annual Red Kettle campaign. 

According to one witness, during the time of his shooting Plesec was sharing scripture with the alleged killer.

"Described as kind, loving and compassionate, Plesec spent his time mentoring local kids and had aspirations of saving money for a car so that he could help bring people to church," writes CBN News.

Plesec was an employee and church member of The Salvation Army Temple Corps Community Center in Collinwood. And he died exactly how he lived — sharing the love of God with others. 

"Jared passed away in full Salvation Army uniform with his Bible in hand leaving home on his day off to volunteer at The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle," claimed the Salvation Army in a statement. 

Fox 8 reports that Major Daniel Alverio of the Salvation Army claimed Plesec was a fearless young man who was unafraid of sharing the love of God even in dangerous settings. 

"I would talk to Jared often and he would say that he was not afraid. I would say 'Jared, be careful in the streets.’ He said, 'I'm not afraid. I know where I'm going' and for him he would tell you to die is gain. Like he had no problem with the idea of being persecuted for the Gospel. He knew what he believed and he was assured that if anything ever happened to him he was going to be alright," said Alverio, according to Fox 8.

Fox 8 reports that many who knew Plesec considered him a kind and loving person. He brought many people to Christ and always loved everybody to the greatest extent that he could. They don't understand why somebody who kill him. 

"He basically is the one that brought me to church. He showed me the light and everything that the Lord could do to me, how he could work through me. Anybody who did him wrong he just loved. He loved everyone. That's why I can't understand why someone would do this to him. He was a loving person," said Amante Crawley, a girl who knew Plesec personally.

"Jared, he was the real deal. He loved the Lord with all his heart. All he wanted was to bring people to him. He wanted to do it in whatever way he could," said Diane Schaffer, a cousin, according to Fox 8.

"He would go into any neighborhood. He wasn't afraid of anything. He wanted people to know what they were supposed to be doing and how to live their lives. He was a wonderful, wonderful person," she added.

So far, police have not released a possible motive for the crime. Police are currently investigating the crime and allege that the killer went on a carjacking spree after the shooting. 

Please pray for everyone impacted by this horrible tragedy. In related news, Franklin Graham just headed a rare and exceptional event in communist Vietnam. 

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